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Beautiful Aesthetics

Beautiful Aesthetics

The brief for this project was to celebrate our design skills in an extended task allowing us to develop our own rationale and methodology, whilst critically evaluating the wider contextual aspects of our field of study.

I chose to interpret this brief by reimagining of household items in everyday use. To give them a more visually aesthetic form.




The traditional desk top fan has a large footprint and a large rotation area for oscillation, my plan was to reduce the footprint without impacting on the efficiency of the fan.

Mistral, the fan, uses the idea of reductionism and interaction to connect with the user. It has been designed to be as simple and streamlined as possible. It is a tower shape to minimise its footprint whilst giving a large surface area in which to project the air from the fan. It can be used horizontally or vertically as shown.

My fan should be seen as not just a functional piece of equipment but as a piece of desk art. 


Exponential, the radio, uses the idea of producing products with a twist, to give the product an interesting and appealing form. The design of Exponential is based on the profile of a classic gramophone speaker horn. Because of this design the radio has a natural tilt to it which in turn directs and amplifies the sound. The dials are also a reference to bygone era and are designed to make the user want to touch and interact with the radio. 


Ergosphere, the torch, influenced by science fiction to create objects that are otherworldly and yet simple in their designs. Ergosphere has been designed to fit in the hand nicely and to be tactile. The on/off button has been placed in an area that allows the user to easily reach the button without over stretching their thumb or forcing them to hold the torch in an uncomfortable position.

The Torch can either be stood upright by placing it on a surface with its lens down which gives it a sculptural form or by laying on its side it can provide a directional beam of light.