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Beautiful Aesthetics

we can change the way we think about product by investigating what makes objects aesthetically beautiful and by critically analysing the strategies, philosophies, work and cultures of talented designers


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The Current Methods of food production and consumption are extremely wasteful. Its time to revolutionise the way we think of food in a new bold and unconventional way,  Ascend is designed change the language of food, by being a food supplement, that uses minimal amount of packaging to reduce the amount going to waste.

One Cup Kettle

Design a domestic kettle where extractive behaviours are replaced by a regenerative mindset. The kettle has to be easy to repair and raises awareness of ecological values.


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Design a new tool or gadget for use in preparation, growth, or for the preservation of herbs at home.

A Tool for Design

The Tool for Design are cards produced to gather an understanding of a classification of different project types, how to plan, cost and how to run projects, how to build in contingency and containment strategies, how to recognise stakeholder influences and, how to recognise what skills are required during the various phases of product development.

Zoeftig Internship


A placement at a Zoeftig who are a market-leading international supplier and manufacturer of exceptional, ground-breaking passenger terminal seating system, driven by award-winning design, responsible business practices and a desire to go the extra mile. For almost 45 years, the brand has been synonymous with outstanding quality and durability.